Eye liner can be a cosmetic item which is used to beautify the eyes. Mainly, it is used by women and girls to define their eyes. Nowadays, most ladies rarely go out in broad daylight without their eyeliners. Eyeliner could be used as an instrument to create several looks along with emphasizing diverse features of the eyes. Eyeliner can be placed in different portions of the eye in order to create different looks. Winged eyeliner tape can be drawn above the upper lashes or underneath lower lashes, even on the water lines. Eye liner also has a huge variety of colors, the choice of color to be applied will rely on the texture to be applied. It is unavoidable item, however, in the kit and is the favorite make up product for almost all ladies. Winged eye liner tape is frequently used every day around the contours to make them look smaller or wider. Winged eye liner tape is also used to make the parts of the eyes more emphasized and to deliver aesthetic illusions.


Eyeshadow stencil is out on the market today. Each has its own purposes and deliver its own quality. The most common issue of applying a winged eyeliner tape around the eye is blurred or  smeared round the eyes called a smudge. The greatest ways in avoiding smudge are use a good eyeliner that is water proof and smudge proof, using an eye shadow, and powder known as the powder foundation. Keep in mind that no smudge eyeliner is cheap as it works well as a covering. The most typical problem among girls may be oily in nature when it comes to your face, but if you apply powder under this sort of eyeliner it has the ability to absorb the oil in the face. The most effective and favorable eyeliner is the long lasting eyeliner but in order to apply this perfectly, you should always consider using the winged eyeliner tape. Long lasting eye liner as it's name suggest it will last long eventually. It enables precise application and the eye liner will certainly last for hours and hours.


There is an opportunity for the eyeliner tape to smudge especially if you live in a hot & humid weather. Smudge proof eyeliner in another form of eyeliner. This eyeliner can be often known as water proof eyeliner. It is very soft and glides easily on eye without the need to spread on another feature and attractive feature of this eyeliner is it can be long lasting and water proof.



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